Saturday 4 August 2012

Summer time!

Summer! Those eight weeks that keep us on our toes (in Canada) So much to do, see, experience, value, so many memories to be created. This is the time when I love seeing the early sunrises (at 4:30 am, I discovered because of my casual all-nighter painting times) and the late sunsets! What I love the most is the so called "Magic Hour" by some- now between 8:30 pm & 9:30 pm. I rather calling it the "Hour of Colour" as everything seems brighter, more vivid, almost surreal. As I drive home by night and observe one of my favourite spots on the overpass, the reflection of the sunset in the water transforms the "common" green into one that you can only see in the Summer. I had to turn around and take some pictures with the hopes of re-living those experiences and jol my memory when I paint that scenery if I choose to. Maybe, I'll just keep the pictures as reference to remember the beauty of the season and to study a little bit more the colours and shapes that are originated by the sunset. I wonder if I can capture on time the colours that I see there... I guess it's time for another "Plein Air" experience! Happy painting to all or at least happy enjoyment of the Hour of colour!

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