Friday 10 August 2012

Early morning!

Mornings are great!... or, so I think. Especially when they come early and you get to enjoy the pleasure of enjoying them. With two young kids, I have really come to appreciate early mornings even more than before. Somehow that urgency of waking up 'cause I couldn't wait to see what I could do during the day has become: how can I make this day one of the most productive ones so I make time to enjoy the company of the people in my life and the things I love doing? Thursday was one of those days when I woke up early, 'cause my 2 year old decided he needed a 'break from his bed' and after he went back to sleep I was more than ready to enjoy the morning. I read part of my favourite book, finished reading a new one that I had just started, and while having coffee and reading I saw the morning landscape being filled by the colours that the sun was bringing out from everything. My favourite things of this experience? 1-The fog over the river, making a separation of trees, almost like someone had added a layer and blurred it away making an even more interesting line. 2- The colour change throughout the 2 hours that I was observing and reading; enjoying the smell of a fresh morning with residues of dew, fresh leaves and my coffee. 3- The thought of the possibilities that everyday brings, just as many as the changing colours, shades, shadows, smells and feels of the day. Here are 2 pictures (from the many) that are going into my "To paint" file. Enjoy your mornings, even if they don't start at 4 am :)

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