Tuesday 13 November 2012

A style...

Recently I had the opportunity to be part of two local Show of the organizations I belong to in Olds. The Wellspring Visual ArtNetwork one at the end of October and the Olds Art Club one at the beginning of this month.

While painting the last pieces for the Shows I realized that as a Mom, Children's/Youth Minister and Artist in the process of getting my ducks in a row to be more professional sometimes you can demand more than what anyone else would expect from you. Usually, when I've come to the point of almost not enjoying my time in the studio I simply stop, though I continue doing my due diligence: sketching, studying my future projects, stocking supplies, etc. This time I changed that trend. So, instead of leaving the pieces that I was working on incomplete, waiting to be revealed in the next show I finished 2 of them. The result? Somehow by ignoring my set "normal" I was able to apply the technics that I had in mind, the tones, the lights, strokes and lines that  for a while I wanted to mix but somehow I hadn't... maybe because I had not pushed enough to see the end result till the next time I would paint and by then my instinct had gone dormant.

This makes me think that, just like with anything else, when we stop doing what we are supposed to do (thinking that we can carry on the next day) somehow we loose that instinctive gut feeling that most of the time is based on what we have studied or observed (in Art) & that has processed the steps to be followed so it's materialized.

This last piece is like a breakthrough, not only because there were patterns that were broken but because there were some new ones that were created. Having a glimpse of this developing style is exciting and can't wait to develop it more whether there is an upcoming Show or not.

 "Fall Berries" was a fun project to work on, because of what it meant but also because I enjoyed every part of the process, almost to the point of doubting if I wanted to finish it or not, since there were some steps in which it looked complete... maybe I'll do those steps to completion in another piece.

Hope you enjoy!

Thursday 1 November 2012


I love driving, knowing that you are going somewhere always excites me!
The great thing about driving in a country where you can see the change of seasons is remarkable, that is not even considering that the views change according to the sunlight and the time of the day. 

The pond by the South overpass in Innisfail has been a continuous source of inspiration for me. My son and I were coming back home from his music lessons and we were going out for a "Mom-son date" when we spotted the geese in this specific area, so we had to stop since we knew that could be the last sighting before winter would come. After taking some pictures of the geese and my son playing with the long grass, I noticed the beautiful cattails that seemed to be saying "Hey, watch me! Pick me!" so I did. 

When getting the canvas ready to paint them, I thought of going for a more realistic approach. But just like the cattails when taking the photo, other colours and approach were asking me too: "Pick me". I am glad I did! I was able to add some drawing lines and effects with pastel & charcoal that complemented the high relief of the cattails. 

What was the even more surprising factor of this painting? It was not the fact that I liked it, 'cause I did and a lot! But the fact that once in the WVANA Show this past weekend, it was bought in the first 30 minutes! 

What did I learn? Sometimes you gotta let your right brain take over the original plan 'cause you will have fun in the process and guess what? you'll be able to implement the technique you've been studying and loving experimenting with your Art. Hope when you see this piece you like it too :)

Cheers to your right brain that will capture and interpret with freshness the landscape you see over and over as you drive the same roads everyday! 

Saturday 22 September 2012

Harvest Festival @ Centennial Park, Olds

What an awesome day for an outdoor show!

I'm really enjoying meeting good friends form the Olds Art Club again and having a show with them. When I do this kind of shows I am so inspired by what others can do and re-motivated to continue painting. There are still many views, perspectives, themes, colours, seasons, occasions and moments of life to be captured by the brush or palette knife.

Here are some of the pics of our little, yet loaded display of amazing works.

If you are around Olds right now, come over and say hi to us, we'd love to see your happy face. The show finishes at 3:00 pm at Centennial Park!

Enjoy the Fall season!

Wednesday 12 September 2012

New possibilities!

I love a new canvas! When seeing a white canvas I could choose to get the "White canvas syndrome" or  see possibilities, so I choose the latter. Seeing a white canvas makes me remember some of the views that have captured me, you know?, those that make you interrupt the conversation you are having to say "Wow, look at that!"
"Fullness" came out of one of those sightings, I was getting ready to leave the church parking lot and there it was, at the beginning of Fall of last year, a simple yet beautiful bush (of which I don't know the name :( - thanks unknown muse... That simple bush, full of colour because of the season, and its contrast against the sky were so appealing that made me think of what a life full of colour, texture, movement should be like: inspiring though simple.

Adding some volume to the branches brought another dimension to the piece which helped me to understand  its movement and rhythm.

The photo does not do justice to this piece (I guess I need to find a friend who does this kind of job :)  So you can still see it at Health Street in Olds, where it was shown as part of the 2012 ArtWalk hosted by Wellspring Visual ArtNetwork Association. It's still there to find a new home and to make the visitors experience some fullness (of some kinds anyways :) It is also submitted in the Artist of the Year competition of Art Trends (Where you can vote for this piece or "As I stand...", look up my name :) and Thanks in advance!

If you go to Health Street to see this piece and others that are still there let me know! Till later...
P.S. Did I mention that today's ( well, yesterday's) class was awesome! Who would have thought lines were so expressive! Love it!

Wednesday 29 August 2012

Fall is here!

Can you believe it? Though it was one of the most enjoyable Summers I've had, and though the days are still hot you can already start seeing the leaves turning yellow or more red as you drive around. With that, the beauty of a golden palette appears and the ocre yellow landscapes seem so appealing. Tonight, as I attended a Silent Auction Art sale of a your artist (Way to go Nathan Graalman!) I enjoyed the beauty of the displayed pieces and the drive to get there. There is something about the country landscape that is so enticing to this City girl raised partly in downtown Mexico City and partly in Puebla City. I know for some the sky, harvest fields (and even cows enjoying their supper) may seem nothing but business, but to me is the reminder of "Openness" and unlimited opportunities. Never did the sky seem so big and clear; and the horizon line seemed so far as when I first came to Canada. I still love it! I enjoy those views every time I go for a drive to a different place, no matter if it's only for 15 minutes.
Here is "Alberta Sunset", a piece made in 4 canvasses of one of the views that I loved in one of those short drives in the Summer. When it comes to Sky pieces the titles may not seem that original, but the ever changing views that they offer are unlimited, hope you enjoy this piece and take the time to enjoy the views wherever you go!

Thursday 16 August 2012

Summer Demo's

Demo #2! What a great experience I've had at Health Street, Olds doing Demo's. The first one was on the 3rd of this month and today it was the 2nd one! Visiting with people and painting with those who want to join in and make their own pieces have been two of my highlights. Finishing 2 pieces during these days has been another one! While talking with Rick Kohut (the business owner) and Shauna (one of his really friendly employees) I was reminded once again why I paint: yes, the colours, media, texture, dynamics, movement are very important, but what really want to communicate through all of these is the message. There are many things that can inspire me about Life, one of them has been nature ... trees to be more specific. "As I stand..." came up from my constant passing through Bowden, you can usually see a train besides a tree that "sees" how things come and go, how the trains, people, cars, life pass by as it stays waiting itself for the next season. Isn't that like us sometimes? We may think that life is passing us by and that everything around us moves but us, though, as that living tree, there is life flowing through us and though there are different seasons, some of which may seem barren, as long as there is life in us we'll continue renewing, flourishing and giving life, shelter, joy to all around us who take the time to appreciate that life in us. Just like that tree (and many others) we stand and our root systems keep growing, nourishing, strengthening & preparing for the future.  "As I stand" doesn't pay homage to the sometimes boring process of waiting, but to the life that whether we see or no is flowing in us. Hope you enjoy this peace and enjoy every season of your life!
NOTE: I had to make some corrections as I thought it was still needing something so here is the the final product!

Friday 10 August 2012

Early morning!

Mornings are great!... or, so I think. Especially when they come early and you get to enjoy the pleasure of enjoying them. With two young kids, I have really come to appreciate early mornings even more than before. Somehow that urgency of waking up 'cause I couldn't wait to see what I could do during the day has become: how can I make this day one of the most productive ones so I make time to enjoy the company of the people in my life and the things I love doing? Thursday was one of those days when I woke up early, 'cause my 2 year old decided he needed a 'break from his bed' and after he went back to sleep I was more than ready to enjoy the morning. I read part of my favourite book, finished reading a new one that I had just started, and while having coffee and reading I saw the morning landscape being filled by the colours that the sun was bringing out from everything. My favourite things of this experience? 1-The fog over the river, making a separation of trees, almost like someone had added a layer and blurred it away making an even more interesting line. 2- The colour change throughout the 2 hours that I was observing and reading; enjoying the smell of a fresh morning with residues of dew, fresh leaves and my coffee. 3- The thought of the possibilities that everyday brings, just as many as the changing colours, shades, shadows, smells and feels of the day. Here are 2 pictures (from the many) that are going into my "To paint" file. Enjoy your mornings, even if they don't start at 4 am :)

Saturday 4 August 2012

Summer time!

Summer! Those eight weeks that keep us on our toes (in Canada) So much to do, see, experience, value, so many memories to be created. This is the time when I love seeing the early sunrises (at 4:30 am, I discovered because of my casual all-nighter painting times) and the late sunsets! What I love the most is the so called "Magic Hour" by some- now between 8:30 pm & 9:30 pm. I rather calling it the "Hour of Colour" as everything seems brighter, more vivid, almost surreal. As I drive home by night and observe one of my favourite spots on the overpass, the reflection of the sunset in the water transforms the "common" green into one that you can only see in the Summer. I had to turn around and take some pictures with the hopes of re-living those experiences and jol my memory when I paint that scenery if I choose to. Maybe, I'll just keep the pictures as reference to remember the beauty of the season and to study a little bit more the colours and shapes that are originated by the sunset. I wonder if I can capture on time the colours that I see there... I guess it's time for another "Plein Air" experience! Happy painting to all or at least happy enjoyment of the Hour of colour!