Thursday 16 August 2012

Summer Demo's

Demo #2! What a great experience I've had at Health Street, Olds doing Demo's. The first one was on the 3rd of this month and today it was the 2nd one! Visiting with people and painting with those who want to join in and make their own pieces have been two of my highlights. Finishing 2 pieces during these days has been another one! While talking with Rick Kohut (the business owner) and Shauna (one of his really friendly employees) I was reminded once again why I paint: yes, the colours, media, texture, dynamics, movement are very important, but what really want to communicate through all of these is the message. There are many things that can inspire me about Life, one of them has been nature ... trees to be more specific. "As I stand..." came up from my constant passing through Bowden, you can usually see a train besides a tree that "sees" how things come and go, how the trains, people, cars, life pass by as it stays waiting itself for the next season. Isn't that like us sometimes? We may think that life is passing us by and that everything around us moves but us, though, as that living tree, there is life flowing through us and though there are different seasons, some of which may seem barren, as long as there is life in us we'll continue renewing, flourishing and giving life, shelter, joy to all around us who take the time to appreciate that life in us. Just like that tree (and many others) we stand and our root systems keep growing, nourishing, strengthening & preparing for the future.  "As I stand" doesn't pay homage to the sometimes boring process of waiting, but to the life that whether we see or no is flowing in us. Hope you enjoy this peace and enjoy every season of your life!
NOTE: I had to make some corrections as I thought it was still needing something so here is the the final product!

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