Wednesday 29 August 2012

Fall is here!

Can you believe it? Though it was one of the most enjoyable Summers I've had, and though the days are still hot you can already start seeing the leaves turning yellow or more red as you drive around. With that, the beauty of a golden palette appears and the ocre yellow landscapes seem so appealing. Tonight, as I attended a Silent Auction Art sale of a your artist (Way to go Nathan Graalman!) I enjoyed the beauty of the displayed pieces and the drive to get there. There is something about the country landscape that is so enticing to this City girl raised partly in downtown Mexico City and partly in Puebla City. I know for some the sky, harvest fields (and even cows enjoying their supper) may seem nothing but business, but to me is the reminder of "Openness" and unlimited opportunities. Never did the sky seem so big and clear; and the horizon line seemed so far as when I first came to Canada. I still love it! I enjoy those views every time I go for a drive to a different place, no matter if it's only for 15 minutes.
Here is "Alberta Sunset", a piece made in 4 canvasses of one of the views that I loved in one of those short drives in the Summer. When it comes to Sky pieces the titles may not seem that original, but the ever changing views that they offer are unlimited, hope you enjoy this piece and take the time to enjoy the views wherever you go!

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