Sunday 3 March 2013

Fresh out of the oven...well, easel

Happy New Year!... Yes, I know it's already March but this is the first blog of the year!

What have I been doing so far? Having fun with my kids and getting back into the habit of going to the studio again.
At the beginning of the year I went to one of the Art Club lessons and it was awesome, I'll need to try the abstract tips that I learned, so much fun to be had doing Art. Because it was my first night of the year getting back to my painting, I didn't think the portrait of my son looked accurate. The portrait looked nice, but I kept on having the feeling that the handsome boy on the canvas was not my son.
A few weeks later I went to a Portrait class with Michael Downs, thanks to the invitation I received from one of my WVANA friends  Boy, did Michael ever had us drawing fast! I had never had my hand hurting because of fast drawing. Thanks to that lesson I was able to finish one of my personal projects: The portraits of my little ones!   I started this project last year, so my kids are now almost a year an a half older.  I think these will be some of the pieces that I'll cherish the most though.
While doing their portraits I remembered what I learned in the class, but most importantly I tried to focus or portraying some of the features and characteristics that distinguish them as individuals. For Alessa I chose the eyes, she has such depth. You can truly get lost in her loving look, yet, you will be able to understand her discontent if she is not pleased with something... all in her eyes. For Leonardo I chose his eyes and mouth. He has always expressed himself more through laughter and facial expressions. It's funny to still have him make a friendly or funny expression as soon as he sees the camera.
Now that I finished that project I am ready to continue experimenting and improving the skills that I have so far. So... stay tuned to see the new pieces I just finished in this past 24 hrs.
Keep the creativity going!

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