Sunday 15 June 2014

Almost Sunset...

Have you ever waited for something to happen after making preparations or maybe wanting to get to the place where you are travelling so bad that you almost forget to enjoy the journey?

Recently I have been thinking about the hours that go unnoticed when you present the latest Art piece or when you are at the Show reception. Every minute counts and every 5 minute sketch that you make almost like a delinquent or like at school (passing a little note to the friend when the teacher is not watching... we all have done that ;) pays off when accumulated.  The hours of preparation, studying subjects, taking photos sometimes and refreshing your mind so the paint you are working on really reflects what you want it to, do add up. Yet, just like when going on vacation and waiting for that incredible sunset so you can admire all the colours, mood, sounds and smells, everything seems to go really fast. The sunset soon is done, the notes that you passed to the friend were perhaps collected by the teacher or the class is done; the Art piece you were working on is finished and the Show reception is over...

I wanted to grasp part of the magic before the end with "Almost Sunset"... the anticipation of what I know will happen in a sunset: the sudden shadows that will overpower the leaves, branches and berries leaving me with the silhouette of what's in front but leading me to something bigger and greater to admire. The journey is indeed as important as the destination, and every minute counts.

Hope you enjoy not only the thrill of planning a special trip (perhaps an everyday or life goal) or a project that you are working on; but every minute as you prepare for it. Though you might be at your "Almost Sunset" make the most of everything.

Friday 13 June 2014


Alberta glimpse #1

Ink... An ancient media that can be used for writing, calligraphy, blueprints and even drawings.

I started my love for ink during my University years. Its versatility and sharp quality that defines with clarity and strength intrigues me even now. Yet, for a while I have not used ink, and as I was preparing for the Central Alberta Show it came to my mind again.

Alberta glimpse #2
I created a series of Alberta glipses in ink. Using lines, pointillism, hatches, cross hatches and clear spaces, suddenly the glimpses of landscapes, harvest fields and mountains came alive with movement and almost as a print in blue and raw umber tones.

Alberta glimpse #3

Alberta glimpse #4
Which one is your favourite?

Hope you enjoy these glimpses as you dare to venture to find these kinds of views in Alberta!

Saturday 7 June 2014

Life in Central Alberta series

“Life in Central Alberta”  - Solo Show at the Olds Museum, June 2014 (T-F 9:00 am-4:00 pm)
- Developing Series -
Life in Central Alberta is a series of paintings that reflect some of the views that have made me experience the unique sense of “openness” of the Alberta skies, landscapes + its lifestyle.
On My Way Home
 Having lived in Mexico City helps me appreciate the beauty of the spaciousness that we can take for granted as we travel back and forth on the Highways: The dramatic skyscapes, the Mountains view, the ponds near the railways, the few grain elevators still standing and  the combination of rural and small town communities that had become part of the life I love.
There is still much to discover in this area, much to admire, appreciate and love. Thankfulness is after all the attitude that allows us to appreciate more what we have, therefore, I will continue to be thankful that I get to do Life in Central in Alberta.