Saturday 27 April 2013


This is my first time at the Sundre Art Show. I've heard wonderful things about it, mostly about the quality of work that is exhibited and that it attracts people from different places. (BTW, you still have time to stop by: West Country Centre, Sundre. April 27 and 28, from 1:00- 5:00 pm)

Though this is the year that I purposed to expand in the exposure of my Art work, is the making memories process in this Art journey one that I don't want to miss.

Visiting with Babara Rivers, an incredible and talented artist and person was one of my highlights of today's first day at the Sundre Show. How can you  keep a straight face when chatting with her? Though we don't see each other often, every time we do we chat about everything, Art, life, kids, Art, business, what inspires us, etc. We feel free to express our thoughts without the pressure of wanting to please each other. I know I can ask her: what do you think about this piece, knowing that I will get the good, the bad or the ugly, whatever it may be, but always with the: "this is only a suggestion, what about this...?" Iron sharpens iron! Barbara is one of the several talented people that I have now the privilege of calling friends.

I must say that one of my favourite memories from today, will be the one when as Nick and the kids came to visit at the show, Alessa touched Barb's arm ever so gently and we all had a "Magic moment" as Barb may say. After giggles, nervous ones, because we couldn't contain the power of cuteness and love that a simple touch from a two year old can have, we teared up a bit and I remembered what Art truly is about: the memories that are captured by strokes, colours, textures... our experiences, what matters to us; and as we share them with others in shows and exhibits, we hope that others can experience a bit of what we want to communicate allowing the viewers and buyers add a new memory and/or meaning to that piece. That's of course, only one of the reasons why Art is so valuable.
What gives value to the Art pieces that you have at home or in your work place?  Keep making incredible memories along your journey!

(From left to right: Barbara Rivers, Osi Cruz-Lahtinen & Alessa Lahtinen)

Saturday 6 April 2013

Big and small...

Little Bloom (6 x 6)
Have you noticed how every is somehow connected?
We might think that what we observe or experience are unique (and they are in a certain way) but they are connected and they are part of a bigger picture always.
When working on "Fall berries" I noticed that though I couldn't make justice to what I experienced and absorbed through my eyes I could focus in one of the leaves that made the whole more interesting and unique.
I experienced the same with these 2 new pieces: In Bloom and Little bloom.
At the beginning the size of the canvas was what in a sense limited me- after Fall Berries, all other canvases seem small :)
In Bloom (10 x 20)
Then, I realized that it was not so much the restriction of range of motion,
but the thought that truly, trying to replicate every single one of the beautiful blooms (the leaves and branches that inspired me and attracted me on a rainy day of spring) would need more detail than what I wanted to add to my work.
That made me think that sometimes, we, or I least I, can get overwhelmed when seeing the big picture, which it's beautiful, grandiose, affecting all of our senses and just... WOW!
This is why I also made the Little Bloom and Little Berries. Without any intent to bring balance, or sanity to my thinking process. I painted them more as a statement, that there is always a big picture for everything, accompanied by the small version, that allows us to focus on the detail, and making everything whole.
However you see and experience life, enjoy the big and small picture. Both are remarkable in their own ways and give fullness to our lives.