Monday 23 February 2015

Walking together

- This is another Pastel from the "Autumn" series -

Do you remember when you were little and you had a special friend that you shared walks, playtime and imaginary stories with? When I see my children interacting in harmony, I am reminded that life is so much better when you have someone to bounce ideas, walks, adventures and even imaginary realities with. You don’t need to get lost in the woods of business to find this kind of relationships, most of us can find it closer than we think, perhaps in our own home, neighborhood, workplace or church. Sometimes all we need to choose is to walk together and find contentment in being different but walking in the same direction.

Walking together is a matter of choice… the interesting thing is that when we chose to, we realize our surrounding is more enjoyable and our experiences more rewarding...

May you enjoy your walks in life.

Thursday 19 February 2015



What is about the golden tones of autumn that fascinate us so much though we know that once those beautiful ochre, red, violets, purple and rich indian reds dissipate we will face the white blanket of snow (at least in Canada)?

When I think about Autumn, I’m marveled not only by the colours of nature but also the constant change of tones because of the reflection of light. It all happens faster than in the Summer; but if you pay attention you can grasp the richness of the shapes, shadows and intensity provoked by the angles of light. Autumn makes me think of warmth, of change about to happen; it reminds me of the cycles of life- the always constant change that helps us to become better if we choose to. It reminds me that even when winter is close, there will be a spring, new life, new projects, new ideas. It reminds me that, I also, need to learn to let go of what I think has been amazing in the Summer of my life, in order to see something else grow.

Of course, it also makes me think of the fun I have playing with my children, tossing leaves and diving into piles of leaves just for fun… not everything is so pensive and deep in our lives… this too is part of accepting the seasons of life…

As you embrace the end of winter today, remember that just like Autumn, this season is only that, a season. May you enjoy and make the most of the ones to come…

Monday 9 February 2015


Grass… so fragile, so elegant at times, so full of colour -depending on the place where it grows- so temporary, so careless, moving always with the compass of the breeze that moves it. Every Summer I am marveled by the beauty and delicate lines of the different formations of grass. Last Summer, I decided to go back to Pastels and the idea of simplicity of the grass kept me inspired.   

There is something about simplicity that is so compelling; I guess it reminds me of the freedom we all seek. Seeing the grass move so freely, careless, we are refreshed and also reminded of the power of simplicity. Over complications are overrated, they leave us confused and punching into the air. Simplicity brings focus, determination and strength; a sense of accomplishment, regardless of how small or big it may be.
In the end, things and such are temporary... it’s only grass…

Hope you enjoy my first Pastel of this new season!

Tuesday 3 February 2015


The Plein air of 2014 happened in Olds, in the verge of Summer and Fall. Since I had just gone back to Pastels and remembered how freeing it is to use fast strokes - which you need when you want to capture the shades, shadows, movement and mood of the moment – I chose the best view I could find, with the grass formations moving slowly. The wind was picking up so getting the right motion, shadows and passage of light, along with the reflections on the wetlands was a great challenge.

The fun part of this technical exercise was that it created a vivid memory to which I resort to when I think of the relation: air-light-water. What a fun way to study the scenery!

May you encounter simple snap shots that refresh you and remind you that in order to create great memories, you need more than one element.