Sunday 23 October 2016

Alberta Skies #4

Have you ever seen the sky and thought, "Is this real?"... Something like that happened in November last year. The reflection of the colours on the fence of our backyard was so intense I had to go out and see what was happening. A canopy of intense colours covered the sky and I did what many did that day: took a photo (You gotta love the day we live in) After posting it on social media I continued to contemplate and Alberta Skies #4 is my take on it.

What I love the most about it is that the words "The heavens declare the Glory of God..." had been in my mind the whole day... May you get to enjoy the random, rare, phenomenal views we are given to enjoy and cause owe in us.

Look up!

Sunday 16 October 2016

Alberta Skies #3

Now this is not a pastel tone at all… and it’s a different palette than the one I am used to.
Why the change? Because “the Sky made me do it” … literally! 

This series is great for me because truly there are many variables in everything: the colours, the tones, the light, the mood, the lines, the shadows, the vibrancy of hues, the feeling that they evoke. The great thing about this, is that this time I didn’t get to overthink it, I only painted according to the photo I recently took and tried my best to remember the feelings of peace and awe that it inspired in me. Not sure if those are the feelings this will evoke in you, but one thing I know, I hope you are moved to go outside and stop missing out the moments you can create with your loved ones as you share a sunset or two together. Perhaps this can also be one of your new habits that your loved ones will cherish the most when they think of you.

Feel free to comment below your thoughts, I’d love to hear from you!

Sunday 9 October 2016

Alberta Skies #2

     Continuing the series of Alberta Skies, here is #2.
Why the change of palette? Why the pastel tones?
1.   Why not?   &   2. Sometimes painting what we see without creative liberty is a great way to get out of your own rut

     When in comes to creativity, there is always room to growth… when it comes to life, there is always room for growth… It is only if we decide to step outside of the boxes we have created for ourselves that we grow. Personally, the pastels tones took me back to the 80’s and some of my first professional colour drawings and paintings. They also took me back to the “Aha” moment when I realized I couldn’t get rid of the “Art” bug, I just needed to experiment with textures and media. Perhaps that is why I chose pastel tones again… as a symbol of “Reset” or perhaps because after years of painting I am not afraid of trying “on purpose” what once I came across by accident.

    May you give yourself the permission to get out of the boxes you’ve created yourself so you can experience a bigger life or at least a different media.