Tuesday 4 October 2016

Alberta Skies #1

This Year’s #WVANAArtWalk2016 theme is “Alberta the Strong” as there have been many changes in our economy, politics, culture and society. It is so easy to focus on the things that are changing “for the worse” and forget that we are the ones that create or allow those changes according to the level of involvement or leadership we take... just a thought...
As artists, we want to focus on the amazing things that make this Province a Strong one, which, when you think about it… are many!

One of the things that are incredible about the place we live is its Sky, so I started with that. Though it is not the only element in my mind, it is one that all can see and appreciate. Interestingly, our weather has been changing as well, so the array of colours and movement in the sky has been unbelievable. In the next 4 weeks you’ll get to see the first 4 of these growing collection. When will I be done with these series or how many will I work on?... How do you stop? When do you say: “Enough”…  Which reminds me, that as many Skyscapes there are, there are also opportunities to make Alberta Strong…er!


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