Monday 5 September 2016

"Plein Air"

Plein Air: Olds Wetlands and Slacks Slough 

Plein Air at Olds College Wetlands
When it comes to “Creativity” what is one of the things that inspires you? Perhaps a specific song, an activity, smells that trigger great memories or…

Plein Air at Slacks Slough
One of the things that triggers my creativity is travelling, visiting new places or re-visiting places in different seasons with different people. Though I had already done a Plein Air at the Olds College Wetlands, I had not experienced going on a “Plein Air” with my two little ones. The three of us chose the “Right spot” and sat down on the grass… there is something about experiencing totally the place where you are.

Here are 2 of the paintings that came out of visiting the Olds College and Slacks Slough in Red Deer with them, I hope you give yourself the opportunity to re-visit the places that may seem known to you with the people you love, in a different season and perhaps with an empty canvas and your painting supplies so you can enjoy them in a different way. 

Happy Plein Air painting…

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