Monday 9 March 2015

Mountain View

Mountains, no matter how many times I drive by or see them, they always remind me of the sense of peace, tranquility and security one can feel when you know that you are protected by someone way bigger than you.  Somehow the Mountain View makes us think of rest and evoke feelings that need to be felt more than translated with words.

During last year’s Plein Air I started this acrylic painting. I had already made a similar study in Pastels  (Wetlands) but I knew there was more that I needed to get out of that experience.  I finally came to the conclusion that instead of going back to my photographic archives as reference I wanted to go back to my feelings archive: The movement, the combination or elements, the smells, sounds, sun light, wind and the tree that I was sitting under while I did this study.  Instead of continuing with my acrylic approach, I decided to make it into a Mixed Media. I knew the palette I wanted to use and started to add Pastels that later would be mixed and adhered with medium. Everything was coming along yet there were 2 elements that were missing: The Mountains that I couldn’t see, because according to my visual archive they were to the left of my view and the tree that kept me protected from the sun… so, I added them. I used parts of the phone book I just received and continued the application of Pastels, Acrylics and Ink for the final touches. My husband came up with the title, which I loved. This time it was finished…

Through this process I was reminded that our senses, as amazing as they are, don’t give us the “full” experience. The things that matter the most to us are the ones that sometimes our visual mind could even fight because they are not in the view; yet, without the things that protect us and give us a sense of security and peace we only have a partial view.

May you always have the full perspective of everything you experience in life and know that life is much more than this.

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