Friday 13 June 2014


Alberta glimpse #1

Ink... An ancient media that can be used for writing, calligraphy, blueprints and even drawings.

I started my love for ink during my University years. Its versatility and sharp quality that defines with clarity and strength intrigues me even now. Yet, for a while I have not used ink, and as I was preparing for the Central Alberta Show it came to my mind again.

Alberta glimpse #2
I created a series of Alberta glipses in ink. Using lines, pointillism, hatches, cross hatches and clear spaces, suddenly the glimpses of landscapes, harvest fields and mountains came alive with movement and almost as a print in blue and raw umber tones.

Alberta glimpse #3

Alberta glimpse #4
Which one is your favourite?

Hope you enjoy these glimpses as you dare to venture to find these kinds of views in Alberta!

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