Tuesday 3 February 2015


The Plein air of 2014 happened in Olds, in the verge of Summer and Fall. Since I had just gone back to Pastels and remembered how freeing it is to use fast strokes - which you need when you want to capture the shades, shadows, movement and mood of the moment – I chose the best view I could find, with the grass formations moving slowly. The wind was picking up so getting the right motion, shadows and passage of light, along with the reflections on the wetlands was a great challenge.

The fun part of this technical exercise was that it created a vivid memory to which I resort to when I think of the relation: air-light-water. What a fun way to study the scenery!

May you encounter simple snap shots that refresh you and remind you that in order to create great memories, you need more than one element. 

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